The Netherlands – A Wonderful Destination to Visit

The Netherlands – A Wonderful Destination to Visit
The Netherlands has fantastic places to visit that include the vast fields of flowers, classic windmills, historic places, museums, natural sights and many more. Here we are going to mention the top destinations of The Netherlands that should not be missed during your trip to this country. Museums are the most frequently visited places in all the cities of The Netherlands as they keep the attention of the tourists.
Gouda has many old buildings and canals that show the typical side of this city. Moreover, it has a good highway system that helps you to reach this wonderful place. It is a wonderful destination and people often arrange a one-day trip to this city. The most famous and frequently visited place is the15th century town hall and the great glass windows in St. Janskerk. The entire city is surrounded by a wonderful old canal system that adds more to its beauty. This city is famous for its candles, waffles and cheese.



The Netherlands has a wonderful and beautiful canal system in almost all the cities including Amsterdam. There are three main canals in this city, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. These canals form a circle covering 60 miles around the city and most of the activities are done around the canal. There are many places that keep the attention of the visitors like eccentric museums and marvelous bridges. The most likable historic places of Amsterdam are The Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum Museum. Amsterdam is also famous for shopping as it has great malls and shops. Whether we talk about pubs, restaurants or coffee shops, this city has it all.



Leiden is a beautiful city with canals, windmills, bridges and lush green parks. The trees across the canal and wooden bridges add extra beauty to Leiden. Museums are the most fascinating places of Leiden where you can see historic and scientific displays of various items like windmills and Egyptian antiquities. The world’s oldest academic observatory also exists in this city with botanical gardens that grabs= the attention of the scholar tourists. The 16th century Church of St. Peter also has a historic background and is popular for being an ancient building.





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